This is just a simple web page
(You are invited to notice the sameness of cadence of the above line with "This is just a modern rock song," a song by Belle & Sebastian. Just saying. It was not an accident.)



2022.09.03 :
I finally upgraded the web framework and Python version; if you happened to hit the site in the middle of the process, apologies for any verbose error messages you may have encountered; I sort of brute-forced it. They should be sorted now.

2014.04.12, slightly later :
I made a Dadaist "poem" generator based on the instructions in Tristan Tzara's "How to Make a Dadaist Poem", one of many interesting and odd things I encountered in Al Filreis's Coursera class, ModPo. Which is open for registration for this fall, by the way.

2014.04.12 :
Well whaddaya know, I actually added something to this site. Thanks to Heartbleed, I made a password generator at last, and while I was adding that anyway, I put an Al Bhed cipher up that I coded last year. Enjoy.

2013.04.16 :
Aww yeah, the curtains are going up! Okay, it'll look pretty plain if you're viewing the site on PythonAnywhere, because I intend it to be displayed in an iframe (yechh, I know) on my non-blog website, Peregrinus. Which I will now probably link to from my blogs more often than my usual never.

2013.04.15 :
This is the home page of my Python Anyhwere site. Obvious, right? Below is a link to the only program/app that is currently hosted here, except it's not hosted here yet because I'm just starting to set up the html pages and will get to plugging in the Python that makes it go a little later. And after that, the curtains--I mean, the css.